1. Collection of personal information
When we collect personal information from a customer, we collect and use it only in a necessary range after we notify a customer of a collection purpose and having obtained its consent.
Although it is an option for a customer to offer personal information to us, please understand that you may have a possible inconvenience with a part or whole service if you do not offer your personal information to us.

2. Use purpose of personal information
We collect personal information only for the following use of purposes and do not use it besides the use of the purposes.
• Various inquiries

3. Management of personal information
We arrange a management representative of personal information and get environment ready so that we make a role of a management representative clear, and manage personal information adequately.

4. Offer of personal information
Besides the following cases, we do not offer the personal information to a third party:
• When customer’s consent about an offer to the third party then it is obtained.
• When it is demanded by laws and ordinances.
• When we delegate our trust of duties.

5. Disclosure / update of personal information
If you would like to request confirmation (disclosure), correction, stop and/or deletion of the personal information after you submitted it to us, please contact the following person in charge. We will respond to it swiftly upon having the person’s confirmation.

[Inquiry of personal information regarding disclosure / a correction / deletion of personal information]
NAGASAKA Co., Ltd. Management representative of personal information
E-mail : policy@kabu-nagasaka.co.jp
Address : 1-16 Shinmei-Cho, Kariya-Shi, Aichi 448-0034 Japan
Phone : 0566-21-6548