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Processing Technology

As for the dryer productions, we are top-class in Japan. Introduction of automatic equipments such as supersonic welder, automatic packaging machine, etc.
We persistently pursue quality and production effectiveness with introducing high-tech equipments such as an automatic packaging machine, and automated electronic scale, etc.
We are proud of our top-class production in volume, too.
Introduction of automatic equipments such as supersonic welder, automatic packaging machine, etc.

Introduction of manufacturing process
[ Dryer Production ]

Desiccant Insertion
Step.1 Desiccant Insertion

We insert a disiccant with using a road cell type automatic weighing machine that performs the high precision that will not miss an error of 0.1gram.
The room always keeps a fixed temperature and humidity through the year to keep a guarantee of quality.

Bag-making welding
Step.2 Bag-making welding

We have the most advanced welding technique utilizing both of skillful mechanic’s experience and know-how, and powerful machine Supersonic welder.

Product Inspection
Step.3 Product Inspection

We guarantee the highest quality by executing sensory tests against dirt, bad-welding, etc.

Packing (Bag)
Step.4 Packing (Bag)

We make it a vacuum with air absorption-type heat Sheeler and to keep quality.
A vacuum state of packing of all products (for International and Domestic) is reexamined before its shipment to perform a thorough guarantee of quality.

Packing (Box)
Step.5 Packing (Box)

We prevent amount overs and shorts with monitoring by Counting-scales.
Orrykon box and Cardboard box is available for packing to meet the demand of a customer.

Product Shipment
Step.6 Product Shipment

We perform a thorough guarantee of quality until a product is delivered to a customer safely.

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