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Assembly / Inspection Jig Production

Proposition of the best Jig considered convenience and functionality
Making Jig is a base of manufacturing. It is one of the most important work tools connected directly with productivity of a mass-production. We offer the most suitable Jig based on the cultivated know-how since the foundation of the company.
Proposition of the best Jig considered convenience and functionality

"Jig" is an indispensable supporting tool for assembling in a mass-production.
Jig enables to control evenness of a product and make the same products rapidly.
Jig could be said "the hidden key player" in the world of manufacturing.
We have produced a lot of Jigs with applying our know-how and rich experience since the foundation of the company.

Product Image Production is basically custom-made because a Jig needs to be changed for each product and/or model. First, we carefully listen to clients about their requests such as designs and images of products, and then we offer the most suitable Jig with considering its size, shape, function, and product-line including assembling and inspection. For example, we have made a special Jig for a disabled individual to implement the request from the company that promotes disability employments.

We also consider how to lighten and simplify a Jig because it directly affects productivity of a mass production. Moreover, we make every effort to minimize cost by using conventional parts.

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