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"To be someone who must be there for customers and the company"

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Through the things that only Nagasaka can do, such as "Fast delivery in Trial Production" "Advanced Prototyping / Cutting & Grinding technology" and "Stability of quality in assembling and manufacturing", we aim to be a company must be there for the customers and the society.

Message Company Profile
"You look, you desire, we deliver." Greetings from Tetsuji Nagasaka, President.
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As for basic information of Nagasaka Co., Ltd.; Guide of Location, Business contents and Main clients.
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Company History Environmental Activity
Introduction of the Nagasaka's history since the establishment year of 1963.
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To maintain the irreplaceable earth beautifully, we introduce an environmental idea and policy of Nagasaka Co., Ltd.
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Guarantee of Quality
To provide the highest quality products, we introduce a quality idea and policy of Nagasaka Co., Ltd.
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