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Process of Resin Trial Production
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Process of Resin Trial Production

The advanced on-demand prototyping technology that also covers a minimum lot and various productions
We reproduce a prototype (trial product) based on 3D data precisely. We make full use of our various technologies in prototyping and processing. This ability to make complex prototype possible is one of our unique features.
The advanced on-demand prototyping technology that also covers a minimum lot and various productions

Trial Production is indispensable in product development
In the world of manufacturing, a trial-production is indispensable. As the process performed before a mass-production, a trial-production is so important that controls quality and convenience of the final product. A prototype (trial product) is required to be virtually perfect quality, and high technology to handle any form of prototype is essential as well.

We precisely materialize a trial product based on 3D data provided by a client (mainly automobile maker) with proficiently utilizing the Rapid Prototyping System such as FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and SLS (Selective Laser Sintering). This trial product actually can be attached onto an existing car model and allows us to evaluate the planned product. Such our expertise contributes largely to business efficiency in product development.

"Dream Technology" that supports complicated prototyping
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In resin processing technologies, SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) is the most advanced method that could be said "Dream Technology". SLS machine can generate any shape of prototype. Our factory has been equipped with the world biggest SLS machine, which can generate a three dimensional prototype directly from the input 3D data with using nylon resin powder as its material. This enables us to flexibly manage minute and extremely complicated prototyping as well.

Compared with conventional process using Jig, this technology significantly reduces production time and cuts cost more than 70% than the previous method using vacuum molding by wooden dies. Since these new technologies that do not require dies greatly improve production time and cost, it is used not only for a trial product but also for the various on-demand and small lot productions. For example, we had made the one-and-only chair designed by an artist.

Expectation of Application to various industry fields
Our unique prototyping technology based on the highest technique and cultivated know-how supports technical innovations in various fields. Hereafter, it is expected that these high technologies will be utilized for daily used items, and applied to medicine, aerospace, and architecture.

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