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Environmental Activity

ISO14001 Registration Contents
Organization Name
Nagasaka Co., Ltd.
Examination Register
Foundation, Japan guarantee of quality association management system section(JQA)
Registration Number
Registration Date
March 29, 2002
Expiration Date
September 28, 2013
Application Standard
JIS Q 14001 : 2004 (ISO14001 : 2004)
1-16, Shinmei-Cho, Kariya-Shi, Aichi 448-0034 Japan
Industrial Classification
·Latex products, Plastic products
·Other transportation devices
Registration Range
·Trial production of resin products for parts of car air-conditioning and body equipments.
·Production of HOSE SUB ASSY parts for car air-conditioning and DRYER for air-conditioning devices.
·Design, Development and Production of Assembling-Jig for Car body, Parts and Equipments
·Design, Development and Production of Assembling-Jig for HOSE SUB ASSY of a car air-conditioner

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Environmental Idea

Nagasaka Co., Ltd. recognizes that it is a common important issue for all of us to maintain global environmental activity for the beautiful and irreplaceable earth, and keep going for business management with planning symbiosis with the environment.

Environmental Policy

Nagasaka Co., Ltd. pushes forward the business activities that harmonizes with natural environments to make earth more charming in the future.
Therefore, on the basis of performing motor parts production / resin materials cutting business, we perform the following environmental activity :

1. We act for continuous improvement of the environmental management system that we built.
2. We work toward saving energy and materials, and pay attention to improvement of the productivity, the maintenance of the global environment, and prevention of the pollution.
3. We try to suppress the discharge of the noise as much as possible, and live close together with the local community for the eco-friendly activities.
4. We set and promote the environmental target / goal, and review the target / goal periodically to update the contents.
5. We observe environment-related laws and regulations and our policies & agreements.
6. Education to recognize the importance of these policies will be given to all the staff, and to make an act for it.

Nagasaka Co., Ltd.
Tetsuji Nagasaka, President

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