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[ Management Philosophy ] Endeavor to be a person must be there and to be a company must be there

[ Thought of Management Philosoph ]
If each staff keeps on trying to be a person must be there, the company itself will be desired by the society and constantly prospering, and as a result, it brings secure happy life to all staffs.

Our company was born in Kariya-city, Aichi, Japan as a motor parts assembling company in the year of 1963 (Showa 38). Since then, for more than 45 years, we all have been growing up with a company's motto "Endeavor to be a person must be there and to be a company must be there". As a result, we have received a favorable reputation from many clients, mainly automobile makers, in the technologies of assembling, cutting & grinding, and prototyping as well as manufacturing technique.
We move forward to be an up-to-date flexible company with holding the unswerving motto in our hearts.

President, Tetsuji Nagasaka

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