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Guarantee of Quality

Organization Name
Nagasaka Co., Ltd.
Examination Register
Foundation, Japan guarantee of quality association management system section(JQA)
Registration Number
Registration Date
January 7, 2005
Expiration Date
January 6, 2014
Application Standard
JIS Q 9001 : 2008(ISO9001:2008)
1-16, Shinmei-Cho, Kariya-Shi, Aichi 448-0034 Japan
Industrial Classification
·Latex products, Plastic products
·Other transportation devices
Registration Range
·Trial production of resin products for parts of car air-conditioning and body equipments.
·Production of HOSE SUB ASSY parts for car air-conditioning and DRYER for air-conditioning devices.
·Design, Development and Production of Assembling-Jig for Car body, Parts and Equipments
·Design, Development and Production of Assembling-Jig for HOSE SUB ASSY of a car air-conditioner

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Quality Idea

Nagasaka Co., Ltd. provides only authentic high quality products for our customers need that is becoming higher and higher, and is assisting us to becoming a company that is a necessity to the community.

Quality Policy

For customers' satisfaction, Nagasaka Co., Ltd. performs the following quality managements to accomplish our philosophy of quality.

1. We abide by the established quality management system, and constantly improve the effectiveness of the management system to always provide high quality products.
2. We set a management program based on a management plan every year and achieve this.
And we review a goal depending on a change of the management environment.
3. Most importantly, we do our best to eradicate customer's claim about defective products.

Nagasaka Co., Ltd.
Tetsuji Nagasaka, President

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