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Assembling Technology
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Assembling Technology

Well-balanced quality and production efficiency is realized by development of original Jig for assembly.
We pursue stable quality and production efficiency as well as development of unique Jig for assembly, and we carry out sensitivity inspection, function inspection thoroughly for all products to ensure a guarantee of quality.

Introduction of manufacturing process
[ Hose S/A Assembly ]

Step.1 Materials Acceptance

We use a bar code system for materials acceptance, and perform the reasonable inventory control according to the volume of production.

Step.2 Materials Supply

As for the materials supply, we prevent poor outbreak at source stage beforehand by quantity management and inspection of alien substance mixture.

Step.3 Assembling in Production

We use the uniquely developed mounting jig
to pursue the product with stable quality and the manufacturing efficiency.

Step.4 Pressure Inspection

We carry out leak inspection for all products to perform a function guarantee of a product.

Step.5 Product Inspection

We carry out sensitivity inspection for the appearance, alien, defect of all poducts to ensure a guarantee of quality.

Step.6 Product Shipment

We perform a thorough guarantee of quality untill a product is delivered to a customer safely.

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