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Winning the Bronze Prize at the 6th Cutting Dream Contest.

What is the Cutting Dream Contest?
What is the Cutting Dream Contest? The Cutting Dream Contest is hosted by Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. and has been held since 2004 with the aim of improving and exchanging technology and techniques throughout the machining industry.
This contest is open to companies, schools and research institutions engaged in machining with machine tools in Japan, and divided into the following sections; “Parts Machining”, “Prototype / Trial Parts Machining”, “Die & Mold Machining / Mold Machining”, “Micro Machining” and “Academic Research”. All entries will be carefully judged and awarded the Gold, Silver and Bronze prize by each section.

Winning the Bronze Prize.
Our work, entry name “Ball in Cube”, won the Bronze Prize at the section of “Prototype / Trial Parts Machining”. We won a prize of the contest for the first time. It was our third trial. Awarding ceremony had been held at Iga office of Mori Seike Co., Ltd. on November 12th, 2009.
The award-winning works have been displayed in the show room of the above office.

* The fourth person from the left is Mr. Ura, Leader of the trial manufacture section, who took charge of the award-winning work.
Winning the Bronze Prize.
The 6th Cutting Dream Contest
Prototype / Trial Parts Machining Section,
November 12th, 2009
Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.

Our Goal is to win the Gold Prize.
The receiving a prize by the Cutting Dream Contest is one of the themes of our middle management plan, and we have been getting down to this theme. We were able to get closer to the goal by having won a bronze prize at this time.
Our Goal is to win the Gold Prize.

The Work which came out of Trial and Error.
The Work which came out of Trial and Error. We started from the idea that it might be interesting if a double-three-dimensional structure could be made by the cutting technology. And we had attempted various patterns by trial and error to complete the design. Moreover, in order to increase the degree of difficulty, we adopted a double lattice cube and its thinner width of 0.5 millimeter.
There were so many difficult points to conquer. For example, how to control the vibration of the cutting machine to avoid the transformation of the 0.5 millimeter width lattice cube, how to hold the ball in center for the cutting process from different angles, and how to finish the ball in center of the cube, making it close to a perfect sphere, etc. We could clear those problems up one by one, and finally accomplish the work satisfactory.

Toward a Re-Challenge. (Voice of Person in charge)
I am really honored to be able to have such a prize and have many people to see my work.
Honestly, I didn’t have confidence so I was very surprised to be awarded the prize. Because the level of the contest is increasing year by year, and all award-winning works are so impressive.
I was feeling that my level had not reached to their level, yet. So I just couldn’t believe it when I heard of the news. I was so glad that I could overcome frustrations and various problems to accomplish the work and won the prize. This experience taught me a good lesson.
At the awarding ceremony, I saw a lot of astonishing work there. The works that had regrettably missed a prize are also extremely high quality as well as all award-winning works of other companies.
As for the next time, I will try to improve my skill and knowledge so as to challenge more difficult thing that will be able to fascinate a panel of judges and people who will see it with the aim of winning the gold prize.
Toward a Re-Challenge. (Voice of Person in charge)

* At this time, a total of 24 works had won the prize out of 153 entries of the contest. Award-winning number of each section is ( ); “Parts Machining (4)”, “Prototype / Trial Parts Machining (6)”, “Die & Mold Machining / Mold Machining (6)”, “Micro Machining (5)” and “Academic Research (3)”

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