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Employee Report:2006 FDM User Group Meeting

The site : South Korea (Cheju Island)
Date : From 10 to 11 on July in 2006

Stratasys Co. of the United States held the first Asian user meeting in Cheju Island, South Korea.
In the meeting ; the present conditions of Stratasys Co., the future prospects and a report of the latest information, announcement of a practical use example by a user, etc., were performed.
Three people participated from us and carried out presentation and exhibited it at a molding product competition.

About 100 participants from Japan, Korea, U.S.A.
image image

We announced "FDM Effects" as a practical use example of FDM
image image
•We announced a difference of a man-hour and a production-method of before and after FDM introduction, and a demand to Stratasys Co.

Our presentation and the work named "It's nice to meet you." that was exhibited at a molding product competition which was highly evaluated and got the 3rd. winning prize.
image image
Nagasaka's work ranked the 3rd. winning prize


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